Anne made things as painless as possible by working around my practice hours and minimizing valuable time away from work and home. Anne not only helped me to develop a clear understanding of the divorce process, she was instrumental in having me prepared to work with my attorney to ensure cost-effective, productive meetings.

After hiring legal counsel to file my complaint for divorce, I quickly realized that I was nowhere prepared for the enormous undertaking needed to gather and organize information for my attorney. I was in unfamiliar territory not only with the journey I was about to take, but the language, format and compliance of all the requests and processes.

In addition to allowing for optimizing my time management, Anne saved me approximately 80% of the costs of getting organized and prepared and was a huge help in mitigating risk associated with communication between myself and my spouse.

Being a father of 4 children, home life transition as well as asset division and move management were all majors areas of concern as well. Anne was able to facilitate and manage these tasks which resulted in alleviating a lot of stress and worry, and reduced disruption.

Anne is an amazing advocate, coach and organizer who cares about helping people. I completely trust Anne and strongly recommend her to help anyone with their pre- and post-divorce transition.


Anne has helped me through my pre and post-divorce actions and transitions for the past 7 years.  Having been through this process herself, Anne knows first hand about the fears, concerns, and tasks needed to be done surrounding these types of transitions.

Organizing information, planning, and coordinating for next steps was overwhelming and time consuming. Working with Anne helped tremendously with “taking the edge off” and “getting things in order” so I could be better prepared to start over in life as well as make the necessary adjustments along the way.

Not only is Anne the most trustworthy person I know, she has an impeccable work ethic and made me feel taken care of throughout my transitions.

JoanIndependent Professional

Shortly after my divorce was final, I needed help in managing my transition to my new home, asset division with my ex-husband, household organization, and prep for potential arbitration in support of enforcing settlement agreement issues.

I did not have the time to carry out the necessary tasks needed to complete my transition and Anne was willing to work around my schedule so my attention to my business was not disrupted.  Working with Anne alleviated a lot of stress associated with my transition and assured me that things were done in a professional, timely, efficient, cost-effective manner.

Anne is someone you can trust who provides the necessary knowledge, experience, organization, and execution needed when starting over in life.


After my grandmother died, there were many tasks needed to be done to close out her estate.  Probating the will as well as handling medical, banking, credit, insurance, notifications, closing out service providers, re-routing mail, liquidating asses, clearing out her home, etc. were all needed to be done in a timely manner.  Our family was not located in the same town as my grandmother so it made it difficult to execute all the tasks needed to ensure closure.  Having experienced a long distance transition such as this, I think it is very valuable and helpful to have a local resource who you can trust to carry out and deliver in times of losing a loved one.

AnnePrinicial, TaskAnne

Things started falling behind when I found myself working a lot of hours and traveling often.  In addition to small tasks, I needed a variety of things accomplished that required detailed organization, meeting service providers and handling my confidential personal affairs.  I needed someone I could trust who had the business savvy to advocate on my behalf and execute in way to save time and money.  Working with Anne has not only relieved me of feeling overwhelmed but also provided me the assurance I need knowing that all is taken care of in my absence.  Anne is a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable and someone I can count on!

FaithBusiness Owner & Consultant

Anne was my Personal Assistant for four years. I always knew that I could count on Anne 24/7. She handled any task competently and efficiently, on time and within budget. Anne amazed me with her ability to multi-task with attention to detail. She handled all aspects of my office organization, including my expenses (personal and business), account management for my credit cards, filing (electronic and paper), medical, insurance, calendar, desk management, home projects, repairs and renovations, and special projects that involved advocating on my behalf. She is a strong negotiator and focuses on saving time and money in order to deter financial abuse and wasteful. Anne is always willing to go “beyond and above” to get things done and has the aptitude to motivate others to ensure productive results.

Anne is thoughtful, honest, trustworthy, professional, punctual and dependable, and will be an asset to anyone who hires her.

PatrickPresident & CEO

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