Terry is going through a divorce and needs help with the pre- and post- processes.  Gathering the necessary documents and sorting through the information in order to organize, understand, and present to an attorney has become overwhelming for Terry. 

Not only has the process been stressful and time-consuming, it is beginning to feel super expensive.  Getting help to become organized, gaining the insight and an understanding of “the journey” and saving money is top of mind for Terry. 

Terry also needs to begin thinking of life after divorce and starting over.  Having the time to research, coordinate and execute a plan for moving on has become challenging to juggle between work, home, and keeping up with the demands of the divorce process. 


What You Are Going Through

Getting divorced is like a full time job.  You find yourself inundated with phone calls, emails, meetings, and having to make a lot of decisions about your future. 

It is on you to track down and organize every single personal and financial piece of information going back to the beginning of time to turn over to your attorney so he/she can make sense of it and represent you and your best interests.

You now have to do everything by yourself – manage and keep up with the house, kids, finances, job, daily operations and paperwork, and answering to your attorney on a timely basis. 

You are overwhelmed and had no idea what was to come of this process. 

How You Are Feeling

Like you might lose your mind…physically and emotionally exhausted…can’t sleep…hard to concentrate on anything except getting divorced…regret…fear…loneliness…denial…blame…anger…resentment…grief…depression…doubt…you name it, you are probably feeling it.

What You Need

Someone who will listen.  Someone you trust.  Someone who will be empathetic, understanding, compassionate, patient.  Someone who thinks clearly for you when you can’t.  Someone who can be your extra brain.  Someone who can look at your transition and point out the positive ways of change according to you.   Someone who is on your side. 


 How TaskAnne can help:

  • Get YOU organized with your documents, discovery and important papers to turn over to your attorney.
  • Assist in finding the right attorney (if needed).
  • Assist in effective communication during the process in order to mitigate risk.
  • Minimize hours of YOUR valuable time away from work or home – we do what you can’t do or don’t have time to do.
  • Help you focus on the “the journey” and tasks along the way.
  • Be YOUR advocate and friend during the process of compliance, request and communication.  We have been there – we know what you are feeling.
  • Bring in a system that will file, track, execute and manage.
  • Assist in post-divorce transition and ongoing organizing support.

To learn more, call Anne at 404-323-7936 or click the link below.