Jamie travels extensively and works late a good majority of the time during the week. He needs assistance in managing his home business needs and projects since he does not have the bandwidth to handle.

Jamie has let an enormous amount of paperwork pile up that he doesn’t have time to go through, organize, and act on. In addition, he owns real estate in another state that requires monthly billing assessment and attention.

Jamie also has quite a few recurring service providers such as a lawn and landscaping company, housekeeper, and pool service that he needs someone to stay on top of and oversee.

Jamie is getting ready to begin home repairs and renovation and that require meeting with contractors and their subs at timely intervals throughout the project. With his work schedule, he is not able to commit to being available and needs someone who can fill in for him and report back.

How TaskAnne can help:

  • Identify and organize papers, analyze and prioritize actions, and bring in a system that will file, track, execute action, and manage consistently and accordingly.
  • Create a system for tracking and filing monthly home bills and making sure they are paid on time.
  • Audit service providers on a consistent basis and evaluate replacements if needed.
  • Supervise project management on Jamie’s behalf, audit the work, understand the processes, and provide feedback for payment approval.

To learn more, call Anne at 404-323-7936 or click the link below.