Marty’s spouse passed away and there are many tasks needed to be done in a timely manner in order to wrap up issues surrounding estate, legal, medical, credit, banking, insurance, notification to pertinent agencies, organizations, groups, utilities, mail, etc.

Not only is Marty overwhelmed and grieving through this painful time, the family is not local and is unable to help process all of the aftercare follow up.  Marty needs someone who can not only help with all the paperwork and get things in order, but who can advocate and execute the business communications and initiatives to make sure all items are completed efficiently and effectively.

How TaskAnne can help:

  • Work with legal entities for will probate and execution.
  • Help organize and guide you through the Aftercare task and execution.
  • Execute and process all forms (paper and electronic) needed to complete legal and/or required changes.
  • Identify and organize papers, analyze and prioritize actions, and bring in a system that will file, track, execute action, and manage consistently and accordingly.
  • Assist in family communications and updates if needed.
  • Assist in other transition initiatives to be determined.

To learn more, call Anne at 404-323-7936 or click the link below.